Collateral Management

DMT Collateral offers a bespoke tripartite arrangement between the lender, the borrower and DMT Collateral. DMT Collateral takes possession and control over the assets of the borrower from the moment they are financed until they are released from the storage facility. The DMT field workers are onsite to manage the stock; its acceptance, storage and subsequent release on the behalf of the financing party.

Stock Management

DMT Collateral will monitor the movements or periodic inspections to measure the number/quantity of the commodities in storage and assess their storage conditions.

Project Monitoring

DMT Collateral’s project monitoring services entails tracking projects focused on inspection, storage, release and distribution of collateral.

Petroleum Stock Monitoring

DMT Collateral monitors the release and storage of stock of petroleum products stored at strategic storage depots.

Audit & Third Party Warehouses

This is a Mortgage Agreement managed by DMT Collateral in which a lender secures its loan with lien on commodities stored in a warehouse. Access to these commodities is controlled by the lender who gives DMT Collateral authorization to release goods as they are paid for by the borrower.

Inspection & Supervision

DMT Collateral documents, verify and monitor collateral that has been used to apply for financial facilities. This is done on behalf of the Lending Institution