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DMT Collateral is a collateral management and stock monitoring company, established in 2009 and founded in Ghana. DMT Collateral operates in the Sub-Saharan African Region and offers professional and specialized collateral management services led by a vigorous team, with a collective experience of over 10 years in the industry.



As pioneers in the collateral management industry, DMT Collateral has pursued a long-term vision to develop the organization, technology, and tools to make the collateralization process as simplified and efficient as possible in today’s and tomorrow’s world.



With the goal to mitigate physical and transaction risks DMT Collateral offers risk management solutions for international traders, banks, producers, insurers and other institutions involved in commodity trade.

Excellent Solutions

The core business of DMT Collateral is to manage non-cash collateral (assets) pledged by one party (the borrower) to another (the lender) through efficient and specialized systems. DMT takes possession and control over the assets from the moment they are financed until they are released from the storage facility. The DMT field workers are onsite 24/7 to manage the stock (its acceptance, storage and subsequent release) on the behalf of the financing party (CMA).

In the event when the financing party does not require strong control over the financed commodities DMT Collateral can offer stock monitoring services (SMA). Continuous monitoring will take place to oversee movements or periodic inspections to measure the number of commodities in storage and assess their storage conditions. These systems help mitigate credit risk between the parties and minimize the effects of potential default.

Commodity Management

DMT Collateral manages various commodities, including paper products, soft commodities – mainly sugar and rice – and petroleum products including crude oil and fertilizers. DMT continues to grow and develop as a company every day.

DMT Collateral has built the company to focus on long-term goals while consistently delivering the best possible services on an ongoing basis.